The GAP House
Our first Community Creative Arts House is being renovated and we need your help!  We need people with the ability to put in plumbing, hang kitchen cabinets, Hang drywall and mud and taping.  The GAP house already has a list of children waiting to join in on the classes.  If you want to partner in with the GAP House, be a part of changing a community, and reaching the children in the community, please contact us!
Change one child=impacting a neighborhood!

GAP House 
1365 Grand Blvd W, Detroit, MI 48208-1801, United States

The Global Arts Position is a non-profit focused on positioning kids for success. Our passion is to improve lives, develop character, build self-esteem, and teach discipline through the arts. Our missions is to change lives; the arts are a tool we use to do just that!

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