Four Ballerinas in a Line

Dance Classes

Classes are for children 3 to 18 years old.

Currently classes are being held at Metro Life Church on Tuesday evenings and a variety of genres are offered. The projected opening of the GAP House in SW Detroit is September 2019.  Upon opening additional classes will be offered. Contact the office for details

Cooking / Nutrition class
Tuesday class choices also include cooking classes. Limited to 8 students each class, the classes offered must be taken in a particular order.  Every student must complete the Basics class before going on to other offered classes.
4:00pm, Basics to cooking
5:00pm, 12-14 years old

Arts and Crafts
For elementary aged students, this class offers a variety of classes from the fundamentals in drawing, to beginning painting and bracelet making. The class meets Tuesdays at 5pm. Class limit 12.