Who We Are

The Global Arts Position is an organization purposed to introduce the arts experientially as well as practically to underprivileged children and youth. To also utilize the arts for discipline, education, self-esteem building, physical exercise, and as a form of therapy to work through traumas, hardships and difficulties in life. Experiences include but are not limited to classes, camps, after school tutoring, mentoring and fine arts.

noun po·si·tion

\pə-ˈzi-shən\ ​:the place where someone or something should be

Core Values

-We will expose underprivileged children to all forms of the arts both visual and performing.

-We will strive to build a strong sense of self-esteem in all children involved in the program.

-We will base all philosophy and approach on biblical teachings and Godly principles.

-We will teach self-discipline, respect for others, and personal confidence.

Breaking the Pattern of Poverty

The Global Arts Position is a non-profit focused on positioning kids for success. Our passion: improving lives, developing character, building self-esteem and teaching discipline through the arts. Located in SW Detroit we primarily work with at-risk kids. Our passion is changed lives; the arts are a tool we use to reach them.

Building strong Godly Character through the arts.
Using the Arts to Rebuild, Restore and Rescue lives.

The board is made up of 5 individuals with a passion for the arts and a desire to assist at-risk individuals to position them for success. These board members are dedicated to the mission of this organization and actively assist in its development. Their dedication to the community and it’s kids helps the program grow and flourish as well as being great examples of community ambassadors for each child.

President – Patricia Marks

Vice President – John Marks

Treasurer – Laurie Crawford

Secretary – Peter Wilkins

Non-Titled Board Members:

Mathew Crawford


Classes are free to all students. Because classes are free, The GAP relies on the donations and support of individuals and businesses to cover the costs incurred. Classes vary from semester to semester and below is an example of the possible classes offered.


all kinds

Classes include: baby ballet, beginner ballet, modern ballet, hip hop, JIT, hula hoop dancing, beginner baton, tambourine and streamers, Hebrew dancing, dramas, and sign language songs.


Practical Life Skills

Preparing youth for their future independence. The classes teach sewing basics as well as self expression through texture and personal style. Provisions are made for students wanting to sell their creations.


Traditional Film as well as Digital

Shooting, Developing and Crafting Pictures, for hobby, memories, and perhaps exploring a career choice.

Arts & Crafts

paintin' 'n stuff

Learning a variety of genres in a loving, safe and creative environment. The goal is not only to develop skills and expertise but also providing an outlet of expression and an environment of support.


Nutrition, Basics, canning, and general life skills

Classes include many aspects of cooking; making nutrition, cooking and baking a fun adventure

Volunteer and Donate


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Director: Patricia Marks


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Phone: 1-313-789-0658

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